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We had a fantastic day honoring Captain (Ambassador) Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger here on September 16th.   Ambassador Sullenberger was a most gracious visitor, taking time to sign autographs, take pictures and visit with his guests.  The museum saw a record number of visitors exceeding 300 during the day.  Captain Sullenberger autographed several of his books and left them with us if you are still interested in a copy.  Books are available at the Museum for $15.00 ($15.99 normal retail price).  Payment by cash or check only.


Movies start at 12:30.

Free Popcorn! 

Bring your own Non-alcoholic Beverages

September 13th – “Sully”

October 11th  – “The Great Escape”

November 8th – “Private Benjamin”

December 13th – “White Christmas”


Local author Steve Edwards has donated all rights to his new novel The Omega Accord to the PAFB Museum.  Proceeds from the sale of novel help to offset museum operating costs.  Go to to learn more about Steve, the story line and you can find links to different sites where you can order the book.  Award winning author Jon Land describes The Omega Accord “Steve Edwards has crafted a groundbreaking tale that reads like The Da Vinci as channeled through the best of Robert Ludlum” and NY Times Best Selling Author Steve Berry calls The Omega Accord “A well-crafted story of conspiracies and secrets that is imaginative as it is compelling”.  Books are available at the museum (at a discount), at, or your favorite bookseller.  Omega Accord – Action and Suspense Fiction, Entertainment, Knowledge, Brotherhood, Vatican, Pandemic, Global War