The Perrin Field Historical Society was chartered as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Perrin Army Airfield and Perrin Air Force Base located in Grayson County Texas.  The base was in operation from 1941 to 1971 and trained tens of thousands of US and Allies pilots and crews.

                                    OUR MISSION

To collect, display, preserve, publicize and educate with artifacts of the former Perrin Field/Perrin Air Force Base and key artifacts from historical American military events.

                                     WE OFFER

  1. Volunteer opportunities to share time and knowledge of Perrin and historical military event history.
  2. Visitors are welcome to take a guided tour with one our knowledgeable docents or browse at your leisure on a self-guided tour.  Kiosks with closed captioning and Spanish language videos are available at various displays.
  3. Thousands of military artifacts and displays covering the period from The Revolutionary War thru the Global War on Terrorism.
  4. An extensive library of military related books, manuals and periodicals.
  5. Field trip opportunities for schools, institutions, assisted living facilities, clubs, or other organizations.
  6. Our library is available for use as a meeting facility for up to 30 people.

                          WE CAN USE YOUR SUPPORT

  1. Our volunteers are our most important asset.  If you are a veteran, veteran’s family member or just a military memorabilia enthusiast we are happy to discuss museum volunteer opportunities with you.
  2. Perrin or other military memorabilia items such as photographs, military books, uniforms, equipment, art, etc.
  3. We are a non-profit organization and do not charge admission.  We humbly appreciate any donations made to the museum to help cover the museum’s operating expenses.


Laura Longmire, President
Charlie Whitaker, 1st Vice President
Bill Eckert, 2nd Vice President
Mary Day, Treasurer
Tom Longmire, Secretary


Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, General USAF (Retired)
John Michael Loh, General, USAF (Retired)
Patrick J. “Pat” Halloran, Major General, USAF (Retired)
Harold W, Randolph, Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)


John Ballew
Charles L. Brown
Larry Conklin
John M. Elkins
James W. Farris
Morris Guzick

B.J. Long
Robert Sylvester, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hammack – Hammack Oil Company
The Meadows Foundation, Dallas, Texas

The overwhelming success of the Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum would not be possible without the continued dedication of our active volunteers. 

Bill Eckert
Charles Whitaker
Charlie Brown
Curtis Boone
Dale Howard
Frank Moore
Gary Maurer
Ginnie Ammons

Herb Campbell
Howell Brown
Jim Neidrich
Bernie Stange
Freddy Holcomb
Chris Comier
Jerry Alexander
Laura Longmire
Lewis Barr
Mary Day
Tom Longmire
William Byers

In Memoriam of our Volunteers Who Have Made The ‘Final Flight’

Ben Whitehead
Bernie Kuse
Bob Cooper
Bob Rice
Bruce Epple
Charles Giarraputo
Dan Stange
Dave Williams
Ed Barton
James Ferris
Jerry Day
Jerry Grace
John Elkins
Robbie Robinson
Sterling Moeller
Ted Nurre
Wallace Grace

The Perrin AFB Commemorative Coin:

The Perrin Air Force Base commemorative coins are near one ounce and made of .999 silver. Cost of the silver coin is $50.00. We also have the same coin struck in brass and sell for $20.00. Nickel/Silver coin, $10.00 There is a $5.00 shipping and handling cost added to coins mailed. Proceeds from the sale of the coins return to the maintenance and operating cost of the museum.

On the Perrin Field TX 1941 (Obverse side) is the bust of Lieutenant Colonel Elmer Daniel Perrin, the name sake of Perrin Air Force Base. Perrin Field opened in 1941. Colonel Perrin was the Army Air Corps flight test acceptance team commander at the Glenn Martin Aircraft Company. He was killed on April 21, 1941, during an acceptance flight in a B-26 Martin Medium Bomber in Maryland. The first aircraft assigned to Perrin Field were Consolidated Vultee Corporation built BT-13 “Vibrators.” Three are flying overhead.

On the (Reverse side) Perrin Air Force Base 1971, is Colonel Vermont Garrison, triple war ACE in combat both in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was also a double jet ACE in Korea among the other 39 jet ACE’s in the Korean war. The three stars represent Colonel Garrison’s triple ACE air battle records. The three stars also represent Perrin’s three decades of being an active United States Air Force Base Installation. Convair (formerly Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation) built F-102 Delta Daggers are flying overhead. They were the last aircraft assigned to Perrin when it closed in 1971.

The coins are in a protective plastic case. Send a check or money order made out to:

Perrin AFB Museum Fund
436 S. McCullum Avenue
Denison, Texas 75020.

Coins will be mailed the same day that payment is received. They will be sent by insured mail.

ARTIST FOR THE COINS: Both sides, is our Founding Member, John M. Elkins, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Retired – dec’d)