The Perrin Field Historical Society was chartered and registered as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Perrin Army Airfield and Perrin Air Force Base located in Grayson County Texas. The purpose is to research, record and preserve the history of Perrin Field during thirty years of operating as an active military installation 1941 through 1971.

Perrin Air Force Base
Historical Museum

hours are as follows:
Tuesdays through Saturdays
from 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

Quarterly Newsletter Available with Membership

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For all groups, such as public and private schools, home schooled groups, organizations and/or week-end visitations of a dozen or more, please call 903 786-8741 during the hours and on the days indicated above to set up an appointment.

Entrance view of Museum location Front view of Perrin Field Historical Museum Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum is located at 436 McCullum Avenue, the first intersection after entering North Texas Regional Airport-Perrin Field from State Highway 691 (west) on to Grayson Drive. Turn left on McCullum Avenue (south). Museum is on the corner of Grayson Drive and McCullum Avenue on your right. No admission fee. However, donations are appreciated.


The Perrin Field Historical Society was chartered and registered as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of Perrin Army Airfield and Perrin Air Force Base located in Grayson County Texas. The purpose is to research, record and preserve the history of Perrin Field during thirty years of operating as an active military installation 1941 through 1971.


  1. To establish an active group of interested and dedicated individuals to support the society and organize membership.
  2. To gather and collect, and preserve memorabilia from Perrin’s past.
  3. To maintain a presence on the World Wide Web so that others can become familiar with the history of Perrin field.
  4. To promote and organize reunions and other gatherings for fellowship.
  5. To maintain the Perrin AFB Historical Museum and it’s learning center.
  6. Conduct field trips for schools and institutions of higher learning for aviation history, education and general airport operations in the area.
The Perrin Field Historical Society/Perrin Air Force Base Museum goals are to preserve the legacy of Perrin Air Force Base well into the Millennium so that our future generations will be able to see and remember the important part Perrin Air Force Base played to defend freedom and the security of the United States of America from World War II into the Vietnam war. The tragic events of September 11, 2001 (9-11) should be an everlasting reminder of the value of our national security.

Please send your donations/bequests today in order for the museum to continue to preserve Perrin Air Force Base’s legacy and the memory of those who served there. Mailing address is:
Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum
436 McCullum Avenue
Denison, Texas 75020


  1. To assure the legacy of Perrin Field and Perrin Air Force Base is maintained, our most important element needed is interested ex-Perrinites military/civil service retirees becoming museum volunteers.
  2. We always need Perrin items such as photographs, year books, brochures, plaques, postcards, Perrin weekly newspapers and/or old Daily Bulletins.


All former Perrin Field/Perrin Air Force Base personnel both Civil Service and Military who served during Perrin’s 30-years of Active Service are invited to help with your monetary and physical donations (volunteers are always needed) to maintain at least two volunteers per day to provide assistance and historical information to museum visitors.

From all the Perrin memorabilia that was donated from previous Perrin Field reunions, John Elkins decided to create an area to display them. The first location of the Perrin AFB museum was a large room located in the Silver Wings building (the former Airmen’s Service Club) by the generosity of Grayson County College at John’s request. NOTE: The east side of Perrin Field was transferred from the Federal Government to Grayson County College as their “west campus.” A second location was in the lobby of the Airport Terminal Building on the airport side of Perrin Field.

The assignment of a Cessna built T-37 “Tweety-Bird” from Sheppard AFB was made by the Museum of the USAF. It was decided to place the static displayed jet trainer inside the museum. Upon completion of the expansion, all bills for construction were paid in full. This credit goes to the many benefactors who generously gave to continue the perpetuation of Perrin’s legacy. Volunteers repeated their “skills” by building the addition.

Since the “Grand Opening” of our first museum on Valentine’s Day 2004, we have averaged more that 1,500 elementary, secondary and college students on annual field trips through the museum and vital airport activity centers. Various Civic and Church groups are regularly scheduled during evening hours. We average more than 3,500 daily walk-in visitors per year through the museum. We have had many written and verbal compliments that Perrin Air Force Base Museum has the best displays of aviation and military historical memorabilia between Dallas, Texas and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In a 2010 new year’s sudden surprise, we were informed that the new airport master plan had included our leased location. According to our airport lease’s fine print, we would have to relocate. However, the cost of constructing the new building and the move of all memorabilia would be paid by the airport and/or other organization(s). The new building design and basic floor plans were drawn up by Museum Director James W. Farris after consultation with the museum directors and the building contractor.

Director and Curator Emeritus John Elkins coordinated with Grayson County College Board of Directors and President for a land lease from within their jurisdictional area. It was approved and a 50-year contract with signed between the Perrin AFB Museum and Grayson County Community College, 61010 Grayson Drive, Denison, Texas on February 23, 2010. The new address is 436 S. McCullum Avenue. The new Museum building is at the same spot where the former Perrin Base Exchange was located.

When entering North Texas Regional Airport-Perrin Field on FM691 you will be on Grayson Drive. Towards the famous checkerboard water tower, at first intersection west of the entrance is McCullum Avenue. Turn left (south) and the new Perrin Air Force Base museum is on your right at the corner of McCullum Avenue and Grayson Drive (formerly named Arnold Drive).

Should you be interested in the perpetuation of Perrin’s legacy, any and all donations by check, bequeaths, stock, bonds, vehicles, aircraft, or other assets may be made out to:

Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum
436 S. McCullum Avenue
Denison, Texas 75020

The Perrin Field Historical Society/Perrin Air Force Base Historical Museum is registered by the Texas Secretary of State as well as with a Federal Tax Exemption.



John Ballew (dec'd)

Charlie Brown

Larry Conklin

John M. Elkins (dec'd)

James W. Farris (dec'd)

Morris Guzick (dec'd)

Robert Sylvester, Sr. (dec'd)

Mr. & Mrs. John M. Hammack - Hammack Oil Company

The Meadows Foundation, Dallas, Texas

The overwhelming success of the Perrin Air Force Base Historical museum can only be attributed to the many volunteers who dedicate at least one day per week of their time manning the museum operations Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. Below is the list of our present dedicated volunteers.

Ginnie Ammons, US Air Force
Lewis Barr, US Navy
Charlie Brown , US Air Force
William Byers, US Air Force
Bob Cooper, US Army/US Air Force
Mary Day, US Air Force
Dawn C. Goshorn, US Army
Dale Howard, US Army
Jerry Jones, CAP
B. J. Long, US Air Force
Laura Longmire
Melvin McDaniel, US Air Force
Sterling Moeller, US Air Force
J. D. Morrow, US Air Force
Barbara Pent, US Air Force
Greg Potts
Rodney Reichelt, US Air Force
Elmer Robinson. US Air Force
Bernie Stange, US Air Force
H. Craig Summer, US Air Force
Cindy Uneerfusser, US Air Force
Dave Williams, US Air Force
List of Former Volunteers who have passed on to their final Roll Call


Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, General USAF (Retired)

John Michael Loh, General, USAF (Retired)

Patrick J. “Pat” Halloran, Major General, USAF (Retired)

Gary C. Blair, Major General, USAF (Retired)

Harold W, Randolph, Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)

*B.J. Long, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Retired)

Charlie Brown, MSgt, USAF (Retired)

The Perrin AFB Commemorative Coin:

The Perrin Air Force Base commemorative coins are near one ounce and made of .999 silver. Cost of the silver coin is $50.00. We also have the same coin struck in brass and sell for $20.00. Nickel/Silver coin, $10.00 There is a $5.00 shipping and handling cost added to coins mailed. Proceeds from the sale of the coins return to the maintenance and operating cost of the museum.

On the Perrin Field TX 1941 (Obverse side) is the bust of Lieutenant Colonel Elmer Daniel Perrin, the name sake of Perrin Air Force Base. Perrin Field opened in 1941. Colonel Perrin was the Army Air Corps flight test acceptance team commander at the Glenn Martin Aircraft Company. He was killed on April 21, 1941, during an acceptance flight in a B-26 Martin Medium Bomber in Maryland. The first aircraft assigned to Perrin Field were Consolidated Vultee Corporation built BT-13 “Vibrators.” Three are flying overhead.

On the (Reverse side) Perrin Air Force Base 1971, is Colonel Vermont Garrison, triple war ACE in combat both in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was also a double jet ACE in Korea among the other 39 jet ACE’s in the Korean war. The three stars represent Colonel Garrison’s triple ACE air battle records. The three stars also represent Perrin’s three decades of being an active United States Air Force Base Installation. Convair (formerly Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation) built F-102 Delta Daggers are flying overhead. They were the last aircraft assigned to Perrin when it closed in 1971.

The coins are in a protective plastic case. Send a check or money order made out to:

Perrin AFB Museum Fund
436 S. McCullum Avenue
Denison, Texas 75020.

Coins will be mailed the same day that payment is received. They will be sent by insured mail.

ARTIST FOR THE COINS: Both sides, is our Founding Member, John M. Elkins, Chief Master Sergeant, USAF (Retired - dec'd)

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